The Murphy family have been running the Ardsallagh farm and dairy for more than a decade. Jane has been passionate about goats and their milk for nearly 30 years. Her children suffered from eczema, and a friend told her that goat's milk would help. From these small beginnings a lifelong love affair with the animals began.The Murphy children can remember having a goat in the garden for most of their lives and the hobby has grown into a successful business.

Jane and Gerard moved the Ardsallagh farm from Youghal and relocated to Carrigtwohill, County Cork in 1996. Having started with a handful of goats, the herd has now grown to several hundred and has incorporated more local goat farms to provide enough milk The goats are milked twice a day and we use the milk to make hard cheese, soft cheese, yogurt and bottled milk.

This small family-run business has grown steadily, and you can buy our milk and cheese not only in local farmers markets, but also in national supermarket chains. Ardsallagh products can also be found on the menu of many well known restaurants across Ireland. The whole family contribute toward the smooth running of the farm and dairy.

We work very long hours to bring you our multi-award winning products and we invite you to try some out for yourself!!