Ardsallagh Goats Milk

Ardsallagh Goats Milk

Ardsallagh Goats milk is a healthy alternative to cows milk, it is easy digestible, and particularly suited to anyone allergic to cows milk and those who suffer from asthma, eczema, hay fever & digestive disorders.

  • 100% Irish
  • Gently pasteurised
  • Not homogenised
  • Resealable bottle
  • Traditional production method

Our milk comes in a bottle – our principle market is families, who don’t always use a full litre in one serving. The cap reseals the bottle fully, ensuring that perfect freshness is maintained.

Our milk is batch pasteurized, not homogenized, which ensure that the movement of the milk is kept to a minimum. This ensures that the natural absence of Xanthene Oxidase is persevered, and the cholesterol content remains at the lowest possible level.

Our milk is produced and processed on the farm, by the Murphy family, to the high legal standards set by the EU.

The Ardsallagh brand is known as the largest primary producer of goats milk products in Ireland. Our products are available nationwide via selected Dunnes, Tesco and Supervalu stores and are produced with a passion and commitment to quality.